Saturday, April 09, 2011

Being nice equals weakness?

 Being nice and tolerant is normally associated with weakness. We see in movies a person being bullied and keeps silent, gazing down on the floor, shoulders hunched and walking away.

Does being nice and tolerant really give the impression of weakness?

I believe not. Instead it is a show of strength and inner self control.

The most difficult person to tame is oneself. The most difficult person to change is oneself.

If we can withstand, tolerate and guide a bully towards virtue, that is greatness. We should state our position truthfully, clearly and firmly, with kindness and integrity. We do not have to walk away with shoulders hunched. We should stand upright, stand tall, shoulders pull back in any circumstance.

Having self control is being mindful of your mental and physical processes. It is a chance to practice meditation to improve ourselves.

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