Friday, April 01, 2011

Mangala Vihara's (Buddhist Temple) 51st anniversary

I have been associated with this Theravada Buddhist temple for over 40 years. My grandfather was the temple's first chairman, and Ven. M.M. Mahaweera was the temple's resident monk.

This temple holds a special place in my life. It is a place of worship and a place of solace in my hectic life. Ven. M. M. Mahaweera (Bhante) was my teacher and guide and I am truly indebted to him for his wisdom and kindness. I attended Sunday Dhamma classes at this temple more than 30 years ago, when the environment was not so modern. We studied the Dhamma, I attending chanting classes and even played games and competition during the annual Sunday school sports day. Those were the simple days of yesteryear.

Mangala Vihara celebrated its 51st anniversary yesterday, 31st March 2011 with a whole night chanting session conducted. I attended the start of this activity and listened to more than 10 monks chant for about 45 minutes (Mangala Sutta, Rattana Sutta and Metta Sutta).

It was a wonderful experience and I wish Mangala Vihara many more productive years in conducting educational courses and to continue its excellent work in helping the community. I also wish its past, present and future members and management committee the very best in health and prosperity.

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